Welcome to Africa Agribusiness Magazine

Welcome to AAMAfrica Agribusiness Magazine exists in order to connect Africa’s agricultural sector to the rest of the world. By doing so, we hope to act as a catalyst to the development of Africa’s agricultural sector. We will inform and connect African farmers, businesspersons, and governments with modern technologies, practices, ideas, and materials (increase Africa’s human capital). We hope that this will help African nations develop independent and vibrant agricultural sectors which will lead to decreases in malnutrition and general increases in health and well-being for the continent. Furthermore, we hope to help connect Westerners to Africa so that they can gain a greater understanding of African culture and agribusiness opportunities which exist in Africa (increase direct and indirect foreign investment in Africa). While we also want to promote trade between African nations. This approach should help lead to sustainable agricultural development and could lead to growth in other sectors of the economy via linkages.

logoIn order to accomplish these goals AAM publishes a bi-monthly magazine which is distributed in the United States, African nations, and published on the internet. Our magazine focuses upon engaging the outside world with Africa, getting vital information on farming techniques, identifying comparative advantages, helping our readers learn how to invest in the agricultural sectors of certain countries, connecting non-profits, help farmers learn how to access modern farming equipment, and supporting community efforts for development. We have scholarly articles along with more personal articles, so as to balance the content of the magazine and make it more accessible to a larger audience.

Jeff Vosseler / Publisher