A revolutionary new Hand Washing Kit can reduce diarrhoeal diseases by 47% during humanitarian crisis

    Dunster House Ltd. has just created a new Hand Washing Kit, which is meant to fill this sanitation and hygiene gap during humanitarian crisis. The project, has been developed in partnership with Oxfam and is going to be launched on the 15th and 16th of November in Brussels, Aidex 2017.

    Millions of pounds are invested in emergency sanitation each year, through the purchase of latrines, squatting plates and other first need products. However, until now there was no readily available, standardised, and effective kit for hand-washing.

    The Hand Washing Kit has been designed to fill this hygiene gap and it is currently being tested in Tanzania with high acceptance within the local community.

    Washing hands with soap can reduce the risk of diarrhoeal diseases by 42-47%. Diarrhoeal disease still causes 40% of deaths in the acute phase of the emergency, from which 80% are among children under two years. This means that interventions like this, designed to promote hand-washing, might save millions of lives.

    This project is supported by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF), and is the result of the partnership between Oxfam GB and Dunster House Ltd, along with the design partners of the Royal College of Art, Church Communities UK, and a small group of Design Specialists.

    The Hand Washing Station is designed to be easily transportable, robust and a quick to assemble structure, whilst also being attractive and easy to maintain.

    The large water container is easy to refill, while its user-friendly, one-touch push-up tap keeps disease spreading contact points to a minimum and conserves water. It also features colourful components and mirrors, which serve as nudges to encourage a more frequent use in all the ages.

       Dunster House Ltd.

    Dunster House Ltd. has been established in the UK retail market since 1994, with sites in Bedford, Flixborough, Warminster, Faversham, Basingstoke and Liverpool and eleven sister factories in three countries across Europe (Estonia, Hungary and Poland).

    It is the UK’s largest Garden Building Company, one of the largest UK Timber Climbing Frame Companies and produces many other successful and diverse product lines. Six years ago, Managing Director Chris Murphy decided to open a new Humanitarian department within Dunster House HQ, dedicated solely to find solutions to humanitarian crisis using their expertise, resources and knowledge of design and manufacturing. Currently, Dunster House has become one of the leading manufacturers of sanitation equipment for national and international charities and an official supplier of Unicef.