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Alex Hitzemann

untitled-9Hello! I’m Alexander Hitzemann and I handle digital media (as well as other things) at Africa Agribusiness Magazine (AAM).  5 years ago, when I was in college, I met Jeff Vosseller, AAM Publisher, and as he described his outlook for the magazine I was intrigued. He told me, “Hitzemann, by connecting the agriculture sectors of America and Africa, there is not only a huge benefit to the people in Africa, but also business potential for everyone!” It was this idea of win-win, beneficial partnership that got me excited about this project and keeps me going today. 

Alex Hitzemann (alex@africaag.org) has been working with AfricaAg for 5 years, since the beginning in 2011.

Alexander Hitzemann is responsible for all digital media at AAM. This includes, web & graphic design, social media, and all marketing activities. Alex Hitzemann is also the contact for advertisements and media partnerships opportunities

img_20160620_182002Alex Hitzemann graduated from Indiana University in 2015, where he studied Business and Philosophy. Hitzemann also has certificate degree in digital media arts. Alex is currently an ESL teacher in Henan Province, China where he lives with his fiance Alina Hitzemann. Alex and Alina Hitzemann will move to Tampa, Florida in 2017 where they hope to take a more active role in Africa Agribusiness Events.

Alex Hitzemann’s hobbies include running, rock climbing, and photography.

If you would like to contact Alex you can email alex@africaag.org

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